Sentry X075

Sentry X075 Flat Batteries No Keys

The batteries had run out and there was no override key for this Sentry X075 safe at a pub in Oldham. They had been told by another company that the safe would need to be drilled open and replaced. We disagreed and advised that we could pick the lock open without damage to the lock or safe. This is exactly what we did and had the safe back in service within five minutes of arriving on site.

Whilst it’s true that some locks and safes may require the use of a drill to open it is always our mission to open them non-destructively wherever possible. We train hard and have all the latest safe opening equipment to ensure that we can repeatedly provide the best service to our clients.

If you have been told that your safe requires drilling in order to open it then please give us a call for a second opinion.

Blackspur BB-ES100 Digital Safe

Blackspur BB-ES100 Electronic Safe Opening

This Blackspur electronic safe had been left by the previous tenant at an apartment in Manchester. The keypad was not responding possibly due to flat batteries and no key had been left for the override lock. The new tenant just wanted to remove it to make space but it was bolted to the floor so needed to be opened in order to move it. We attended and opened it without damage despite it heading for the nearest skip.

Electronic Digital Safe

Electronic Digital Safe Opening

We were asked to open this digital safe at a residence in Liverpool as the keypad stopped responding and the over-ride keys could not be found. We were told that the batteries had been changed recently so we suspected that the cover may not have been fitted correctly and they had fallen out. We picked the lock open to discover that the batteries had been inserted the wrong way around.

A useful tip when changing any sort of combination or batteries on a safe is to check the operation at least three times with the door open. If something does go wrong then it is always easier to resolve the issue with the door open.

We completed this job by changing the lock and providing two new keys so that the owner can get into the safe should the batteries fail in the future.

Yale Digital Safe Lost Keys

Yale Digital Safe Lost Keys

The batteries in this Yale digital safe at a hair salon in Manchester had fallen out and the owners had lost the override key. This had happened several times previously and was getting expensive for them to keep calling a locksmith to open it as each time they were told that they could not have a key provided to them for the emergency override lock. We attended the job, opened the safe and provided them with two new keys in case the batteries ever fall out or go flat again.