Milners' Thief Resisting Door No.2

Milners’ Thief Resisting Door No.2

The previous owners of a pub in Southport hadn’t left the keys for this Milners Thief Resisting door and the new owner required it to be put back in to service.  We attended site and made new keys for the lock giving it a new lease of life.

The safe plaque reads: “Milners’ Patent Fire Resisting Thief Resisting Door No.2” and has the common “212” number which is the boiling point of water on the Farenheit scale. In smaller script it also reads “Improved for the government registry & courts 1857”.

The safe escutcheon reads: “Milner’s safe powderproof solid lock Liverpool & London”.

Milners' Thief Resisting Door No.2 Plaque Milners' Thief Resisting Door No.2 Escutcheon

Church Safe Burglary Damaged

Church Safes

We were called to a church in Wallasey after thieves had broken in through a stained glass window causing thousands of pounds worth of damage but fortunately got away with nothing of any value. They did however attempt to break in to a couple of safes preventing one of them from being opened with the key and stealing the keys to a smaller safe. The larger safe in the main picture was quickly fixed so that the key could enter the lock and open it up. The smaller safe shown below was picked open and re-keyed so that the stolen keys will no longer operate the lock.

Church Safe

We were also asked to open the lovely old warded rim lock on the church door shown below for which they key had been taken. As professional locksmiths we were pleased to oblige and after making a tool on site to operate the mechanism we opened it without any damage.

Warded Rim Lock