Milner 212 Safe Cracking

Milner 212 Safe Cracking

When the key was lost to this Milner safe in Lytham, Lancashire we arranged to do the safe opening early evening to fit in with their work schedule. With the safe opened there was no need for replacement keys to be made at the moment but we will be back to this in the new year when the client is ready.

Milners’ Thief Resisting Door Stolen Keys

Milners’ Thief Resisting Door Stolen Keys

This is the second time we’ve worked on this Milners’ door in the past six months. This time a set of keys had been stolen from the pub in Southport and they required the lock to be changed. We rekeyed the lock for them and provided new keys to prevent the old ones from working.

Milners Holdfast Safe Stolen Keys

Milners Holdfast Safe Stolen Keys

We were called to rekey this Milners Holdfast safe at a church in Shrewsbury, Shropshire after a set of keys were stolen. The job was a bit further afield than we regularly travel but the customer had been unable to find anybody closer who was willing or able to do the job so we were happy to help them out. We changed the lock to prevent the previous keys from working and cut a large number of extra keys to be redistributed to the autorised keyholders.

Milners 212 Patent Safe Lost Keys

Milners 212 Patent Safe Lost Keys Opening

The keys could not be located for this Milners’ safe after the owner passed away and the relatives required access prior to leaving the house. We went to the home in Bolton and opened it up for them.

The escutcheon over the keyhole says “MILNERS’ SAFE POWDERPROOF SOLID LOCK. LIVERPOOL & LONDON”.

The safe plaque says “MILNERS’ 212 PATENT FIRE-RESISTING”.

Milners' Thief Resisting Door No.2

Milners’ Thief Resisting Door No.2

The previous owners of a pub in Southport hadn’t left the keys for this Milners Thief Resisting door and the new owner required it to be put back in to service.  We attended site and made new keys for the lock giving it a new lease of life.

The safe plaque reads: “Milners’ Patent Fire Resisting Thief Resisting Door No.2” and has the common “212” number which is the boiling point of water on the Farenheit scale. In smaller script it also reads “Improved for the government registry & courts 1857”.

The safe escutcheon reads: “Milner’s safe powderproof solid lock Liverpool & London”.

Milners' Thief Resisting Door No.2 Plaque Milners' Thief Resisting Door No.2 Escutcheon