Stratford Service Safe

Stratford Service Safe Lost Combination

The combination had been lost to this Stratford Service safe at a private residence in Liverpool. The safe lock is an S&G 6700 series Group 2, 3 wheel combination lock which the owners did not use to lock the safe and the dial got turned during a party some years ago which locked the safe up with no way for them to open it. As they were now moving home they needed access to retrieve the house deeds and other important documents so they called us to recover the combination as they did not want the safe to be damaged in any way. By a process of manipulation we discovered the safe lock combination and opened the safe without any fuss or damage. Another satisfied customer in what is possibly our final safe opening of 2015.

Phoenix 1220 Centurion Lost Combination

Phoenix 1220 Centurion Opening

The owners of this Phoenix 1220 Centurion Fire Safe had never used the combination lock and had only used the key as it was stored inside a much larger burglary resistant safe. They could not now open the safe with the key and initial diagnostics suggested that the dial must have been moved and scrambled the combination. We recovered the combination to unlock the safe and they now have the combination should it ever happen again.

Clarke CS1055 Safe Opening

Clarke Safe Lost Combination

A customer from Wigan had been using this Clarke CS1055 safe for years by just using the key and not locking the combination lock. Unfortunately the dial got knocked causing a lock out as they did not know the combination and without opening the combination lock the key will not turn to open the safe. We opened the safe and provided the customer with the combination and instructions on how to dial it should the same thing happen again.