Phoenix 1220 Centurion Lost Combination

Phoenix 1220 Centurion Opening

The owners of this Phoenix 1220 Centurion Fire Safe had never used the combination lock and had only used the key as it was stored inside a much larger burglary resistant safe. They could not now open the safe with the key and initial diagnostics suggested that the dial must have been moved and scrambled the combination. We recovered the combination to unlock the safe and they now have the combination should it ever happen again.

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4 thoughts on “Phoenix 1220 Centurion Opening

  1. Hi
    I have a key and was only using the key, the other day someone was standing in for me, some how the key now will not open, combinations we did not know it hence using the key, as stated the key will not open now,

    1. This is a common problem as you need the correct code as well as the key to open the safe. I have responded to the supplied email address for further information.

  2. HI there we have the safe above and have only ever used the key and not the combination dial. We now cannot access the safe with just the key. We have been given a combination which is not working. Is there any way we can over ride the dial to go back to just having the lock?

    1. The correct combination will need to be determined in order to open the safe. If you use the contact page to let me know where the job would be located I can quote you for the opening.

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