Tann Data Safe Safecracker Leeds

Tann Data Safe Safecracker Leeds

A bank in Leeds had lost the combination to their data safe containing their backup media. We were called to crack it for them. We were able to determine the combination and open it without having to damage the safe in any way. This is very important for any sort of fire protection safe as drilling a hole in it would have compromised its fire rating. If you need a professional safecracker in Leeds then give us a call.

Phoenix 2500 Datacombi

Phoenix 2500 Datacombi Lost Combination

The combination had been lost to this Phoenix 2500 Datacombi safe at an office in Manchester. We attended site and opened it, reset the combination and put it back in to service.

The Phoenix 2500 Datacombi safe provides fire protection for paper documents, computer diskettes, tapes and all forms of data storage and security for cash and valuables all in one unit and is suitable for use in residential or business premises.