Rosengrens RS3 Lost Combination - Safecracker Skelmersdale

Rosengrens RS3 Lost Combination – Safecracker Skelmersdale

We have worked on this Rosengrens safe multiple times over the years. The last time was back in 2017 when we replaced the combination lock for the owner. Sadly we got a call explaining that he had now left this mortal plane and the safe had a new owner. The safe had been left open but the clever builders managed to close the door and spin the dial, locking it up with no record of the combination. With glass protection covering the lock waiting to catch out an attacker we decided to manipulate the lock open. The opening seemed to be going very smoothly with three combination numbers indicating well in a very short amount of time but the lock would not open. After much head scratching and re-checking the numbers we figured out that there were multiple ‘False’ gates on each of the combination wheels. After some extra work finding all possible combination numbers and working through the possible permutations we found the correct sequence to get it open. The combination was then changed to one of the customers choosing and put back into service.

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