Phoenix Fire Fighter 0412 Series

Phoenix Fire Fighter 0412 Series

We were called to this Phoenix safe in Wigan today as the handle would not retract the bolts so they could not shut and lock the door. The safe has a spring loaded self locking mechanism which due to lack of service had detached itself and blocked the boltwork. The fault was repaired and the safe put back into service.

Phoenix Safe Key Snapped In Lock

Phoenix Safe Key Snapped In Lock

We were referred this job by a locksmith who had identified that the key had snapped in the lock and would not move in either direction. This Phoenix safe was located at a medical practice in Denbigh, Wales. On attending site we confirmed the locksmiths findings and diagnosed an internal fault preventing the bolt from retracting which caused the key to snap. At this stage we thought there was a high probability that the container would need to be drilled but pulling an ace out of our sleeve we got the bolt to retract and open the door. Once open we could see that the door had been violently closed whilst the lock was in the locked position which had bent the boltwork enough for it to jam. Having straightened out the boltwork the next step was to extract the broken key which turned out to be very stubborn and we ended up stripping the whole lock down in order to get the broken bit out.

Phoenix 2500 Datacombi

Phoenix 2500 Datacombi Lost Combination

The combination had been lost to this Phoenix 2500 Datacombi safe at an office in Manchester. We attended site and opened it, reset the combination and put it back in to service.

The Phoenix 2500 Datacombi safe provides fire protection for paper documents, computer diskettes, tapes and all forms of data storage and security for cash and valuables all in one unit and is suitable for use in residential or business premises.

Phoenix 1220 Centurion Safe

Phoenix 1220 Centurion Safe Lost Key

We were told that there was no key or combination for this Phoenix 1220 Centurion safe at a farm near Macclesfield in Cheshire. Once we arrived on site the combination had been discovered by the owner but the key was still missing. We dialled in the given combination and picked the key lock to open the safe. We offered to make new keys but the owner was confident that the original key would turn up eventually.

Phoenix Cashier Deposit Safe

Phoenix Safe Spinning Handle

Perhaps we had time for one final safe opening in 2015! This Phoenix Cashier Deposit safe at a pub in Stockport would accept the security code on the digital keypad but the handle span around freely without retracting the boltwork. In situations like this where there is an internal fault then it is often necessary to drill the container to overcome the problem and get it open. This is exactly what we had to do with this unit. With one small carefully placed and easily repaired hole the safe was opened to reveal that the handle had disconnected from the boltwork as we had expected.

Phoenix Cashier Deposit Safe Opened

Phoenix Cashier Deposit Safe Opened

Phoenix 1220 Centurion Lost Combination

Phoenix 1220 Centurion Opening

The owners of this Phoenix 1220 Centurion Fire Safe had never used the combination lock and had only used the key as it was stored inside a much larger burglary resistant safe. They could not now open the safe with the key and initial diagnostics suggested that the dial must have been moved and scrambled the combination. We recovered the combination to unlock the safe and they now have the combination should it ever happen again.