Rosengrens Safe Safecracker Manchester

Rosengrens Safe Safecracker Manchester

A pharmacy in Manchester was unable to open their Rosengrens safe. We identified a small part had broken off inside the lock preventing the key from turning. It took a couple of hours to free up and extract the broken part and get the door to open but all done without any further damage to the the lock or safe. Professional safecracking in Manchester.

Rosengrens European Safe - Safecracker Skelmersdale

Rosengrens the European Safe – Safecracker Skelmersdale

Rosengrens “the EUROPEAN” high security safe with failed boltwork opened and repaired for a client in Skelmersdale. The client was unable to open the main door of the deposit safe despite having a working key. Due to a lack of servicing the safes internal boltwork developed a fault which prevented the main bolts from retracting fully. We were lucky this time and managed to open it without having to drill through the safe walls to resolve the issue. Once open we identified and corrected the fault to leave them with a fully functioning safe once again.

Rosengrens Euro Citizen Safe Lost Keys

Rosengrens Euro Citizen Safe Lost Keys

A pub and restaurant in Halifax had lost the keys to their Rosengrens Euro Citizen Safe. They urgently needed to check the contents and retrieve coins for the tills so we headed to the job on a Sunday for them. Once open they were relieved that all of the contents were still present and we’re able to restock their tills with change.

Rosengren RS3 Safe Opening

Rosengren RS3 Safe opening

The combination lock on this Rosengrens RS3 safe could not be dialled open by the owner. We had worked on this safe in the past so knew that the four wheel Sargent and Greenleaf lock had seen better days and it was previously advised to get this replaced. Fortunately with a bit of luck and a lot of experience we diagnosed the problem and were able to correct it to get the door open one final time without having to drill it. The owner agreed to a replacement lock which we fitted and put the safe back into service.

Rosengren the European key Stuck In Safe

Rosengrens the European Grade 5

The operator failed to secure the key bit correctly to the stem when attempting to unlock this Rosengrens European Grade 5 safe at a furniture and home furnishings store in Warrington. Without the bit being correctly attached it got jammed in the lock and they could not remove it or open the safe to recover the money that they had come to collect. Using medical grade optical equipment we were able to perform key hole surgery to both identify and remedy the situation with no damage to the safe or key.

Rosengrens RS3

Rosengrens Safe Opening

The owner of this Rosengrens RS3 safe in Skelmersdale which was originally from a petrol station was having problems opening the four wheel combination lock. Having had twenty plus years of use since acquiring it the lock was starting to show it’s age. With a bit of servicing and resetting of the combination the safe was able to be reliably opened and put back in to service again.