Securikey Under Floor Safe Lost Keys – Safecracker Warrington

We ask for a picture of your safe to help us to identify it. This allows us to give you an exact quote and ensures that we have the correct tools and replacement parts when we come to do the job. The picture of this safe left us scratching our heads however. The safe had obviously had a rough life, covered in tool marks from an attack or two. The handle although very cleverly made is not the original one. The keyway escutcheon was missing and there were no other maker markings on top of the lid. The lid was also covered in rubble as it was on a building site and we had to clear a lot of it out of the keyhole before we could start to open it.

The lock was full of small stones and dust which made it a difficult opening but with persistance, we were able to pick open the lock. The lock was then changed and a new set of keys provided for the customer in Warrington. If you need a safecracker in Warrington to open your safe then give us a call.

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