Phoenix Safe Key Snapped In Lock

Phoenix Safe Key Snapped In Lock

We were referred this job by a locksmith who had identified that the key had snapped in the lock and would not move in either direction. This Phoenix safe was located at a medical practice in Denbigh, Wales. On attending site we confirmed the locksmiths findings and diagnosed an internal fault preventing the bolt from retracting which caused the key to snap. At this stage we thought there was a high probability that the container would need to be drilled but pulling an ace out of our sleeve we got the bolt to retract and open the door. Once open we could see that the door had been violently closed whilst the lock was in the locked position which had bent the boltwork enough for it to jam. Having straightened out the boltwork the next step was to extract the broken key which turned out to be very stubborn and we ended up stripping the whole lock down in order to get the broken bit out.

SMP Wessex Safe Opening

SMP Wessex Safe Opening

We were asked to pick open and change the lock on this SMP Wessex safe at a nightclub in Lancaster. This wouldn’t usually be a problem but a look through the keyhole revealed that the lock had been removed which meant that when the door was last shut the safe thought it was under attack and went into lockdown mode by firing its internal relocker device. This was therefore a much bigger job than expected but we opened the safe, fitted a replacement lock and made an essential replacement part which was also missing.

Safeplace Hotel Safe

Safeplace Hotel Safe Opening

This Safeplace Magna 800 Digital Hotel Safe would not open when the correct code was entered. We attended the Hotel overlooking Lake Windermere in the Lake District to open and repair it as they urgently required access to the contents. Once on site we discovered that the top bolt was not retracting but we were able to open it without any damage and reattach it to the boltwork. A nice clean job leaving a fully functional safe with no holes to fill. Another professional safe opening completed by Paladin Safe Services.

Chubb Lichfield Won't Lock

Chubb Lichfield Keys Not Working

We were called to this Chubb safe at a department store in Salford after it was reported that the safe could not be locked. With the two keys on site we were unable to identify any issues as it locked and unlocked fine. Upon further inspection of the boltwork and the lock we were still unable to find anything that would prevent it from locking. Our best guess is that there was something inside the safe blocking it which had since been moved but we will never know for sure.

Rosengrens RS3

Rosengrens Safe Opening

The owner of this Rosengrens RS3 safe in Skelmersdale which was originally from a petrol station was having problems opening the four wheel combination lock. Having had twenty plus years of use since acquiring it the lock was starting to show it’s age. With a bit of servicing and resetting of the combination the safe was able to be reliably opened and put back in to service again.

Church Safe Burglary Damaged

Church Safes

We were called to a church in Wallasey after thieves had broken in through a stained glass window causing thousands of pounds worth of damage but fortunately got away with nothing of any value. They did however attempt to break in to a couple of safes preventing one of them from being opened with the key and stealing the keys to a smaller safe. The larger safe in the main picture was quickly fixed so that the key could enter the lock and open it up. The smaller safe shown below was picked open and re-keyed so that the stolen keys will no longer operate the lock.

Church Safe

We were also asked to open the lovely old warded rim lock on the church door shown below for which they key had been taken. As professional locksmiths we were pleased to oblige and after making a tool on site to operate the mechanism we opened it without any damage.

Warded Rim Lock

J.W.Timms Safe

J W Timms Safe Rekeying

This J.W.Timms safe from 1951 was open but didn’t have any keys when acquired by the new owner. The back pan was welded in place so a new key was impressioned to save all the grinding and re-welding that would have been required. New keys work nice and smoothly and the old girl can go back in to service for another 60+ years.