Blackspur BB-ES100 Digital Safe

Blackspur BB-ES100 Electronic Safe Opening

This Blackspur electronic safe had been left by the previous tenant at an apartment in Manchester. The keypad was not responding possibly due to flat batteries and no key had been left for the override lock. The new tenant just wanted to remove it to make space but it was bolted to the floor so needed to be opened in order to move it. We attended and opened it without damage despite it heading for the nearest skip.

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10 thoughts on “Blackspur BB-ES100 Electronic Safe Opening

  1. Where can I get a plastic tube that holds the batteries in place for my BLACKSPUR ES 100 electronic safe

    Many Thanks Moya

    1. Hi Moya, thank you for your enquiry. It is not something that we can source unfortunately, perhaps a trip to a local plumbing merchant will find you something of the correct diameter which you can cut to length.

  2. Hi we have just replaced flat batteries and safe will not work do you have to re set the key pad as we can only open the door with a key

    1. You can set a new code by pressing the reset button on the back of the door and then entering a new code followed by the A or B button.

  3. Is there any way to obtain a set of blackspur bb-es100 replacement keys number xxxxx? I have it open and the batteries are good but don’t want to use it until I have a key.

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