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6 thoughts on “Elsafe Hotel Safe Opening

    1. The batteries are in the back of the door, you will need to have the safe open in order to change the five ‘C’ batteries.

  1. I have the same elsafe 252-1501 that is reading Ser and we can’t open it up anymore. Was working fine till is started to read ‘Ser”. Hinge is on the right of the safe but the face look identical to the one in the photo. How can we get it open?

    1. Thank you for your comment, unfortunately you do not appear to be in the United Kingdom so I’m unable to help you with this. If you contact a local safe engineer then I’m sure they will be able to sort this out for you.

  2. My Elsafe model 252-1501 will not open when the programed code is put in. The display is showing batt on the display panel and the battery is on the inside.
    It will not open when I put in the master code either. If I try more than three times it locks me out for 30 min.
    The battery is strong enough for that but wont let me in!! Can you help?
    Thank you,

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