Fort Knox Safe Withy Grove Stores

Fort Knox Safe Withy Grove Stores

We were asked to open and supply new keys to this Fort Knox underfloor safe in Oldham, Manchester. Upon arrival we identified that the safe lock was open but the lid would not move. There are a number of things that can cause this but after further discussion with the owner we found out that the safe hadn’t been used for fifteen years. The mostly likely cause then judging by the visible rust was that it had seized up. After much persuasion we got the lid out and was able to replace the lock and put the safe back in to service.

This particular safe was supplied by Withy Grove Stores in Manchester which we often see on safes that we open and previous research showed that they were established way back in 1850 and were still trading. Quite by chance yesterday whilst returning from another opening we passed their store for the first time and saw their impressive large display of safes in the window. We must drop by and have a proper look one day.

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