Kamasa Tools Digital Safe

Kamasa Tools Digital Safe Opening

The electronics had failed on this Kamasa Tools digital safe on the Wirral some time ago and the customer had been using the override key lock to secure it. The keys were now lost and the customer had attempted to break into it himself without any luck. The damage you see is from from his attempts and not from our professional opening which caused no further damage to the safe.

After opening the safe we advised that it would be more cost effective to replace it than to have it repaired due to the damage that had been caused. Most safes require specialist tools and expert knowledge to open them without damage, attempting to open a safe without the key or combination is likely to not end up well and will often be more expensive than calling a professional from the start.

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  1. I have a Kamasa Tools digital safe where the electronics appear to have failed. We still have the key and have been using it but I want to have the 4 “HP2” type batteries changed, as that is what the Operating Instructions identify. I have been unable to find a current telephone no. to contact Kamasa. The no. on the Operating Instructions is now a clothing enterprise, I think. If I have already said it, now what do I do?

    1. Not sure why you need to contact them to change the batteries, try some new Duracell or Everready ones as per the instructions and see if that sorts the problem. “HP2” are just D size batteries. It is not economically viable to repair these safes so the next step would be to replace it.

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