Skidmore Antique Safecracker Halifax

Skidmore Antique Safecracker Halifax

A business in Halifax had lost the key to their antique Thomas Skidmore safe and called us to help. We picked open the old lock so as not to cause any damage to the safe. We were then able to make new keys whilst on site so that they could continue to use the safe. Professional safecrackers in Halifax doing what we do best.

Thomas Skidmore Safe

Thomas Skidmore Safe Key Unavailable

The owners of this antique Thomas Skidmore safe were cruising around the Caribbean when their son back home in Chorley realised that they had the key and he needed to get access to his passport. The owners had emailed a picture of the key which we could have used to help make a copy if required but it was known that there was a spare key inside the safe. We picked the key lock open so that he could retrieve his passport and lock the safe back up with the key from inside.

Thomas Skidmore manufactured safes from 1850 to 1920 so there is a good chance that this safe is over 100 years old despite it’s very good condition.