Crado Hideaway Under Floor Safe Opening

Crado Hideaway Under Floor Safe Opening

The Crado Hideaway is a rather unique under floor safe which has three separate dials which can be independently set to a number ranging from zero to nineteen. Each dial must be set correctly in order to retract the boltwork and allow the lid to be opened. The safe was made by Crado Devices Limited which were a London based company incorporated in 1975 but who unfortunately went into liquidation in 1981.

Although we were aware of this safe we haven’t to date been tasked with opening one so when this unit came up for sale we just had to have it out of professional curiosity. Safe engineers are a rather strange breed, we just love to tinker and see how things work so when this arrived in the workshop we were all over it like kids at Christmas. It didn’t take us long to set a random combination and open it using existing knowledge and techniques but it was still a great pleasure to finally see exactly how they work and to ultimately be able to use that knowledge to open them non-destructively.

So if you have a Crado Hideaway safe that you require opening then please do get in touch as it would be a pleasure to be able to open it for you.

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2 thoughts on “Crado Hideaway Under Floor Safe Opening

  1. We have discovered a Crack hideaway safe under the old flooring. It has it’s combination written on a land adhered to the safe. Unfortunately we don’t know if there is a set order or buttons to move, to open it. Have you any suggestions please?

    1. Hi. It does not matter which order the wheels are set but each one must be the correct number. You will know when they are correct as you will then be able to move the two sliders to open the door. I would try all possibilities with the three numbers you have but if no joy then it has probably been changed. A competent safe engineer would be able to open it without any damage for you providing it is in working order.

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